Review: Holy Moses – Agony Of Death [2008]

amazon-holy-mosesGerman thrash veterans Holy Moses return with AGONY OF DEATH, this seasoned unit’s 12th studio release. Featuring the feral female growls and grunts of Sabina Classen while armed with the thrash-tastic twin guitar and percussive pummeling tandem that sets the menacing tone throughout, this disc faithfully sticks to the program yet offers a few surprises in the form of guest appearances (members of Obituary, Destruction, and Metallium lend their talents). Tracks like “Through Shattered Minds” and “Bloodbound for the Damned” give off the aura of Slayer and Exodus circa 1989, while the ambient-intro into breakneck pace  “Pseudohalluzintion” shows this band has no qualms to explore and has no intention of letting up. In your face and aggressive, this album clocks in at about an hour’s worth of durable and dependable meat and potatoes take no prisoners thrash metal that fans of the genre can trustily turn to for a satisfying listen. -Mike SOS


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