Review: Nefastus Dies – Urban Cancer [2008]

amazon-nefastus-diesURBAN CANCER showcases a discernibly blackened death metal delivery courtesy of Canadian crew Nefastus Dies. Be warned though, this band of maulers from Montreal take some liberties with their sound (especially vocally), so those into musical purity should look elsewhere. Nonetheless, this unit successfully maps out a majestic and malevolent grade of grindcore, death metal, and symphonic black metal on cuts like the growl and squeal laden “Hate Vector.” Consisting of seven multi-faceted extreme metal cuts, what this release lacks in memorable moments it makes up for by pounding out a brutal blend of blast beats and scathing guitars which yield to melodic keyboard-led interludes (“Fragments of Poisoned Components”) before tearing back your face with pummeling drums and guitars. Recommended for those up for something a little off the beaten path yet utterly savage. -Mike SOS


One Response to “Review: Nefastus Dies – Urban Cancer [2008]”

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