Review: Love Is All – A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night [2008]

amazon-love-is-allSwedish rock outfit Love is All throw out an energy ball of dub-esque new wave-y punk ska to anyone that wants to play catch with this quirky party rock pack. A HUNDRED THINGS KEEP ME UP AT NIGHT is a 11-track offering that benefits from both a squeaky female vocalist whose upbeat presentation never wanes (“Movie Romance”, “Wishing Well”) and a woozy saxophone that leads dancefloors with an offbeat confidence (“New Beginnings”). Those inclined towards bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the ilk currently helping the kids with bad haircuts rip up indie rock rugs will love tearing up the driving disco backbeats found on “Last Choice” and are sure to feel the burn when the slow-downs of well-crafted heartbreakers “A More Uncertain Future” and “When Giants Fall” screech the party to a halt. -Mike SOS


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