Review: The Becoming – Volume 1 [2008]

amazon-becoming1Christian Goth punks? Sheesh. The Becoming take the word of the Lord and inject some HIM into the mix for this slickly produced exercise in transparency. Labeling this quintet of Hot Topic models as a dark rock group is downright shameful, as their Bon Jovi meets Anberlin hooks heard on “Silent As the Grave” and “Your Love” scream more of heartbroken post cock rock wankery than any clever wardrobe change suggests. Not worth a minute of your time. -Mike SOS


One Response to “Review: The Becoming – Volume 1 [2008]”

  1. I choose to disagree, I think this is a very good album. Almost sounds like Demon Hunter w/o the screaming… I like it. I like almost all music, I believe that all music is an art, and I am not quick to judge.

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