Review: Miseration – Your Demons-Their Angels [2008]

amazon-miserationAt first acting as a side project for two of the members of Scar Symmetry before vocalist Christian Alvestam decided to leave the fold, Miseration explores a more extreme style more in tune with bands like Morbid Angel and the early years of In Flames on their nihilistic nine-track affair YOUR DEMONS-THEIR ANGELS. While there are traces of former breadwinner built into the foundations of tracks like “Chain-Work Soul” and  “Perfection Destroyed,” the overall feel leans on the ruthless end of the metal spectrum, with predominant pounding double bass drums propelling this entire abrasive affair. Sinewy death metal riffs and gruff vocals gloriously gel together here to make a huge part in this project’s sound, plucking the best from the early years of the Gothenburg melodeath movement to create a ferocious blend of forward thinking aggressive metal that’s fairly well-tread yet dark and gruesome enough to be gratifying (“Foul Invective,” “Seven Are the Sins”). -Mike SOS


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