Review: The Answer – Everyday Demons [2009]

amazon-answerIf you were fortunate to attend AC/DC’s Black Ice tour in 2008, you were most likely exposed to the brilliant rock energy eminating from the opening act: The Answer of Northern Ireland. Everyday Demons is the followup to the successful Never Too Late EP and features an all-out blistering classic rock sound. The Answer’s style honors rock and roll royalty, from Black Sabbath (“Why’d You Change Your Mind?”)  to Queen (“Demon Eyes”) to R.E.M. (“Comfort Zone”). The hard-edged rock and roll boogie heard on tracks such as “Walking Mat,” “On and On,” and “Too Far Gone” makes this one of the best albums of 2009 thus far. B+


6 Responses to “Review: The Answer – Everyday Demons [2009]”

  1. Review: The Answer – Everyday Demons [2009]…


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  4. […] rock assault in the likes of The Last Vegas’s Whatever Gets You Off, The Answer’s Demon Eyes, and Buckcherry’s Black Butterfly with a wholesome serving of infectious riffs and obnoxious […]

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