You Must Watch the Documentary “Heavy Metal in Baghdad” Now!

amazon-heavy-metal-baghdadIf you want to check out an awesome, interesting, ballsy, and moving film dedicated to heavy metal music, then Heavy Metal in Baghad is mandatory viewing. This documentary follows a Metallica-worshipping Iraqi band through the hellish post-Saddam era, chronicling their struggles of writing, practicing, and performing their music, while trying to stay alive. The Sundance channel begins airing the film tonight at 10 p.m. or you can watch the movie in its entirety below.

Since the end of the film, Acrassicauda made it out of the Middle East and settled in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In fact, Metallica invited them backstage after performing at Newark’s Prudential Center [source:].

Heavy Metal in Baghdad official site


3 Responses to “You Must Watch the Documentary “Heavy Metal in Baghdad” Now!”

  1. I have heard of this film–I think on NPR. Thanks for reminding me about it. Glad to hear their status update as well.

  2. You Must Watch the Documentary “Heavy Metal in Baghdad” Now!…


  3. […] is a good film but falls just shy of the league in which you would find the likes of Heavy Metal In Baghdad, Some Kind of Monster, and The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years. Perhaps, […]

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