Review: Pearl Jam – Ten Deluxe Edition [2009]

pearljamOne of the greatest rock and roll bands from the early 90’s is undoubtedly Pearl Jam, featuring frontman Eddie Vedder, lead guitarist Mike McCreedy, the rhythm guitars of Stone Gossard, bassist Jeff Ament, and drummer Matt Cameron. As part of their upcoming 20 year anniversary celebration, the Seattle rockers recently re-released their landmark record Ten Deluxe Edition with revamped mixes of all the classics. Long-time producer Brenden O’Brien offers a fresh remastering on classic cuts “Why Go,” “Once,” and b-side favorite “Breath” to name a few highlights. This is one of the few re-releases worth picking up. A-

One Response to “Review: Pearl Jam – Ten Deluxe Edition [2009]”

  1. […] Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is planning a solo tour this summer. Pearl Jam should be supporting Ten (Deluxe Edition) on the road which was released in March. Maybe they’ll put something together for the fall? […]

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