Review: In The Black – Iota [EP 2009]

amazon-in-the-blackLondon-based rockers In The Black offer the raw, intense, and refreshing four track Iota EP. The organic attitude reflected on the first two tunes “Blindman” and “If I told You” is reminiscent of The Ramones and the early days of Pearl Jam. “Don’t Call Me,” the band’s alt-punk rock anthem is the catchiest of the four, and the final track “Iota” shows that the band has more depth to their Vines-ish sound. The live mix on “Iota” is a tad rough and, aside from the intros, the first three tunes sound very similar. In The Black is a band with great potential, however, it is difficult to get a solid read from this affair. I am looking forward to a full studio album release from these pint guzzling pub rawkers in the near future. B


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