Review: SOS – Adult Situations [2008]

amazon-sos-adultIf you hunger for a raw platter of pure Hard Rock and Groove Metal from the heart, then get yourself a copy of the latest SOS record ADULT SITUATIONS.  This Queens act’s sound pays homage to the royalty that shaped their culture—basking in the shades of Suicidal Tendencies, Anthrax, Biohazard, and Faith No More. The 12 tracks presented on this disc are obnoxious (“Walk of Shame”) and intense (“Fear & Frocity”), just what one would expect from the shadow of the early 90s NY Hardcore Punk scene. There are catchy drum intros (“Frames”), appropriate usage of the wah (“Hypoxyphilia”), and vocals fueled with aggression (“Daddy Like”).  Clearly, SOS does not make music for the lame Modern Rock masses, but for themselves, for their sanity, and the garage bands everywhere that gather together to make heavy music -Meds B


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