Review: Pro-Pain – No End In Sight [2008]

amazon-pro-pain16 years on the job and still going strong chugging out memorable heavy tuneage, Pro-Pain follows up their recent string of solid offerings with NO END IN SIGHT. This 11-track endeavor finds Gary Meskil and crew pumping the usual meat and potatoes hardcore metal might with the blue collar work ethic that warrants this band’s hard nosed reputation (“Halo”, “Let The Blood Run Through the Streets”), yet there’s some discernible switches happening throughout  NO END IN SIGHT that really stand out given their tried and true formula. The increased implementation of melody, especially vocally (and clean-sung at that), is a pretty stark diversion for this veteran act, as it gives off a modern hardcore approach to cuts like “All Rise” and “Hour of the Time” while allowing this troupe to include another choice layer to its already menacing arsenal. Add in a sterling guest guitar spot by Cannibal Corpse’s Rob Barrett (“Pheonix Rising”) and bagpipes for a stomping pub rock feel (“Go It Alone”) to the band’s stalwart hardcore metal delivery for more hints of deviation to the steamroller sound championed since Pro-Pain’s inception and you can mark this disc as yet another durable release from an always reliable unit with some unexpected aural surprises making perfect fits into their punishing paradigm. -Mike SOS


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