Review: Jane’s Addiction – A Cabinet Of Curiosities [2009]

amazon-jaOver the last 12 years, Jane’s Addiction has practically exhausted the compilation practice by offering the mostly live album Kettle Whistle [1997], Up From The Catacombs: The Best of Jane’s Addiction [2006], and now A Cabinet Of Curiosities, consisting of demos, live material, and outakes from their first two studio albums. At nearly $50, this 3 disc/1 DVD set proves to be a waste of hard earned money despite the fact that there are several entertaining elements within this set—frontman Perry Farrell offers interesting drug induced stage banter during “Aint No Right” and the Radio Tokyo Demo of “Mountain Song” carries a rough-around-the-edges mix on the classic track. The DVD contains the music videos of Jane’s Addiction as well as the bizarre Farrell love story, Gift. Jane’s Addiction is a legendary and pioneering alternative rock band held in very high esteem due to the genius of the albums Nothing Shocking [1988] and Ritual de lo Habitual [1990]. However, it is 2009. With the original lineup back together, grant us some brand new hard-charged material, don’t we deserve that?


One Response to “Review: Jane’s Addiction – A Cabinet Of Curiosities [2009]”

  1. i couldn’t agree with you anymore more.

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