Review: Heaven And Hell – The Devil You Know [2009]

amazon-heaven-and-hellThe original lords of darkness are back with an album that is purely sinister, an instant classic, that melts your face with gloomy rhetoric and riffs of impending doom.

Tony Iommi’s guitars on The Devil You Know, are still iconic, still to be imitated by thousands of budding and veteran ax men throughout the world. The vocals of Ronnie James Dio are sincerely menacing assuring that Heaven and Hell’s sound stays true to the former Black Sabbath namesake.

Whether the band is producing an evil ballad (“Bible Black”), a sludgy gem (“Atom and Evil,” “Rock And Roll Angel”), or a sped up headbanger (“Eating The Cannibals,” “Neverwhere”) the glory remains in the souls of these heavy metal legends. The Devil You Know certainly holds its own against, and is on par with, the group’s classic records Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules -Meds

45-starsHeaven & Hell is Ronnie James Dio (Vocals), Tony Iommi (Guitars), Geezer Butler (Bass), & Vinny Appice (Drums).

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