Review: Rabid Rabbit – Rabid Rabbit [2009]

amazon-rabid-rabbitTwo bassists, minimal vocals, and swirls of dense psychedelic avant garde metal arrive via Chicago’s Rabid Rabbit on the crew’s latest jaunt, an elitist-friendly vinyl-only eponymous seven-track affair. Sounding like a cross between Sonic Youth, Melvins, and Giant Squid, this foursome fearlessly hammers out a cavalcade of over your head noise rock mired in sludge metal low-end rhythms (“First Blood”) and free-form jazz structure while the atmospheric fretwork allows aerial acrobatics in tracks like “Ephederine” to shine. Thirsty ears looking for a challenge will warm up to the earthy tones and unorthodox style, but for those not seeking adventure, this may render a bit too sharp of a turn to get into. -Mike SOS


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