Advice: Why You Should Avoid The Music Snob

The worst type of music fan is the snob. Everybody knows at least one person that believes his or her obnoxious opinion on a particular artist or song is the only truth. As a fan of rock music, it is the type of personality one should avoid associating with and the type to never take on for one’s self.

A music snob is never truly happy with music and usually with life. They, often unintentionally, bring you down by offering a demeaning comment about a band you love, and sometimes direct their harsh comments to you for enjoying such a band.

I was once a music snob. I was a teenager and thought I knew everything about what sounded good, what real talent was made of—a miserable loser.

Always look for the positive and the light in a song, album, live performance, and band—that is musical ecstasy. It does not pay to let snobbery get the best of you ever.

It never pays to hang around people who think their knowledge of music is stronger than yours. In fact, the best thing one can do is to let them and their arrogance go because you deserve much better.


One Response to “Advice: Why You Should Avoid The Music Snob”

  1. I hate snobs

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