Review: Mike Herrera’s Tumbledown – Tumbledown [2009]

amazon-tumbledown MxPx frontman Mike Herrera exchanges his pop-punk motif for a hardcore alt country sound on his side-project’s latest 11 track affair Tumbledown.  On first listen, the opening three tracks lack much distinction from one another in feel, but as the album progresses several tunes — most notably, the aggressive “Came Here To Fight,” acoustic ballad “Son of a Gun,” and the lazy-man’s rocker “Secondhand High” in which a subtle reference to the legendary riff of Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf” is parodied towards the end — showcase the genre’s versatility. Beer and alcohol make up an exhausting 64 percent (7 of 11 tracks) of the record’s lyrical subject matter and due to the band’s rhythmic country aura, Herrera’s voice sounds like a young “Weird Al” Yankovic at points. While Mike Herrera’s Tumbledown produces moments of sing-along fun for the listener, the disc’s track placement impedes the album’s overall flow -Meds

25-starsMike Herrera’s Tumbledown is Mike Herrera (Vocals/Guitar), Jack Parker (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Marshall Trotland (Standup Bass/Backing Vocals), & Harley Trotland (Drums/Cymbals).

Track Listing:

  1. “Let’s Drink”
  2. “Butcher of San Antone”
  3. “Break Out of History”
  4. “Movin’ On”
  5. “I’m Still Here”
  6. “State Line”
  7. “Came Here To Fight”
  8. “Secondhand High”
  9. “My Sweet Darling Dear”
  10. “Son of a Gun”
  11. “Homeward Bound”

Produced by Mike Herrera — End Sounds 2009 —


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