Review: Hatebreed – For The Lions [2009]

amazon-hatebreedMetalcore staple act Hatebreed, unleashes 18 influential metal covers on their latest studio endeavor For The Lions. Honoring bands from the early thrash era (“Ghosts of War” Slayer, “Escape” Metallica), to the roots of hardcore punk (“Hatebreeders” Misfits, “Shut Me Out” Sick of it All), to sludge (“All I Had I Gave” Crowbar), Hatebreed diligently delivers all classic tracks with their signature blistering ferocity. This album was intended for release in 2008, but the band wanted to record additional tracks, which are among the best on the record (“Ghosts of War,” “Shut Me Out”). Vocalist Jamey Jasta offers his best Max Cavalera impression on “Refuse/Resist” while the rhythm section impressively recreates Sepultura’s tribal vibe. Granted some extra fat (“Boxed In,” “Sick of Talk”) could have been cut away for optimum album flow, For The Lions contains many solid covers.  If the band clipped the track list down to the 12-14 most bludgeoning tunes, this would be a 5-star tribute record -Meds

4-starsHatebreed is Jamey Jasta (Vocals), Frank Novinec (Guitars), Chris Beattie (Bass), Wayne Lozinak (Guitar), & Matt Byrne (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Ghosts of War” (Slayer)
  2. “Suicidal Maniac” (Suicidal Tendencies)
  3. “Escape” (Metallica)
  4. “Hatebreeders” (Misfits)
  5. “Set it Off” (Madball)
  6. “Thirsty” (Black Flag)
  7. “All I had I Gave” (Crowbar)
  8. “Your Mistake” (Agnostic Front)
  9. “I’m In Pain” Obituary
  10. “It’s The Limit” Cro-Mags
  11. “Refuse/Resist” Sepultura
  12. “Super Touch” Bad Brains
  13. “Evil Minds” D.R.I
  14. “Shut Me Out” Sick of it All
  15. “Sick of Talk” Negative Approach
  16. “Life IS Pain” Merauder
  17. “Hear Me” Judge
  18. “Boxed In” Sub Zero

Produced by Chris “Zeuss” Harris — Koch Records —

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2 Responses to “Review: Hatebreed – For The Lions [2009]”

  1. Nice. Thanks for posting the video along with this review. Rock.

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