Review: Order Of Ennead – Order Of Ennead [2008]

Amazon Order of EnneadOrder of Ennead is a bold blackened death metal troupe whose latest eponymous offering showcases a band with a serious multifaceted extreme metal strike. Featuring Deicide skin basher Steve Asheim, this quartet’s scope explores the vastness of both the forests in the Netherlands and the catacombs in Stockholm with a diabolical rasp and an adventurous sense of composition leading the caravan (“The Culling”). Tracks like “Conferring With Demons” tackles glacial Nordic nuances with honor and finesse while “As Long As I Have Myself I Am Not Alone” demonstrates the squad’s crushing technical prowess and ability to balance out a lengthier track with intriguing twists. Add in an excellent usage of piano throughout the disc, most notably on the closer “Dismantling an Empire” and this colossal concoction of forward-thinking metal combines a solid amalgamation of styles and an unquestionable vitriolic virtue to create an enjoyable listening experience for those who dwell in the dark. -Mike SOS

3 StarsOrder of Ennead is Kevin Quirion, (Vocals/Guitar), John Li (Guitar), Scott Patrick (Bass), & Steve Asheim (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Seeking The Prophets”
  2. “Reflection, An Endless Endeavor”
  3. “As Long As I Have Myself I Am Not Alone”
  4. “The Culling”
  5. “Introspection And The Loss Of Denial”
  6. “Conferring With Demons”
  7. “As If A Rose I Wither”
  8. “Interlude With Reason”
  9. “A Cry To The Perilous Sun”
  10. “Prelude To Ruin”
  11. “Dismantling An Empire”

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