Review: Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown [2009]

Amazon Green Day 21Green Day’s follow-up to 2004’s Grammy Award winning American Idiot, flows more like the soundtrack to Rent than 1994’s Dookie. With every pop-punk cliche accounted for on 21st Century Breakdown, the rock trio continues to prove that they dominate the scene with their perfect delivery and execution of the fundamentals. The 18-track punk rock opera employs predictable rhythms (“Horseshoes and Handgrenades”), catchy lyrics (“21st Century Breakdown”), and repetitive power chord patterns (“Know The Enemy”) — exactly what one expects from the band, however Green Day has mastered the formula, pulling it off better than any pop act since Abba. On tracks such as “Last of the American Girls,” Billie Joe Armstrong demonstrates his knack for writing infectious lines (“She puts her make-up on like graffiti on the walls of the heartland”). The aggressive and acoustic driven “Peacemaker” contains a psychedelic Austin Power’s groove, while “East Jesus Nowhere” makes a rhythmic impression of a Marilyn Manson radio single. Overall 21st Century Breakdown is a tight conceptually-styled affair on par with American Idiot -Meds

4 StarsGreen Day is Billie Joe Armstrong (Guitar/Vocals), Mike Dirnt (Bass), & Tre Cool (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Song of the Century”
  2. “21st Century Breakdown”
  3. “Know Your Enemy”
  4. “Viva La Gloria”
  5. “Before the Lobotomy”
  6. “Christians Inferno”
  7. “Last Night on Earth”
  8. “East Jesus Nowhere”
  9. “Peacemaker”
  10. “Last of the American Girls”
  11. “Murder City”
  12. “Viva La Gloria (Little Girl)”
  13. “Restless Heart Syndrome”
  14. “Horseshoes and Handgrenades”
  15. “The Static Age”
  16. “21 Guns”
  17. “American Eulogy”
  18. “See The Light”

Produced by Butch Vig — Reprise Records 2009 —

5 Responses to “Review: Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown [2009]”

  1. Last Night on Earth defintely channels The Beatles In My Life. 21CB is daaaaa shiznit

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