Review: Sacred Oath – Sacred Oath [2009]

Amazon Sacred OathConnecticut-based classic power metal band Sacred Oath issues this 10 track self-titled release with blistering thrash guitar riffs and licks that take the listener on a mid-1980’s flashback.  Dio-esque vocals, galloping guitars, and aggressive drumming lead the charge on Sacred Oath approximately 22 years too late, and not in the good Anvil sort of way. Other than the fact that this is only the band’s third formal studio release since 1988, the least impressive decision was to include a track named after the group — only Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden have rights to such a move. Not all of the songs are dogs though. The opener “Paradise Lost” is a solid headbangers’ delight and “Caught In The Arc” contains a slight Cowboys From Hell vibe. But other than a few moments of vintage heavy metal delight, the album falls short of a whole-hearted recommendation -Meds

2 StarsSacred Oath is Rob Thorne (Vocals/Guitar), Bill Smith (Guitar), Scott Waite (Bass), & Kenny Evans (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Paradise Lost”
  2. “Blood Storm”
  3. “Voodoo Dolls”
  4. “Counting Zeros”
  5. “High And Mighty”
  6. “Sacred Oath”
  7. “Caught In The Arc”
  8. “Buried Alive”
  9. “What The Dark Will Undo”
  10. “Hunt For The Fallen Angel”


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