Review: Those Who Bring The Torture – Tank Gasmask Ammo [2009]

Amazon Those Who BringSwedish death metal merchants Those Who Bring The Torture reinforce their band’s moniker by carrying out a sublime shot of what their name suggests on TANK GASMASK AMMO. While this quartet won’t be scoring any awards for most unique metal crew, their ’90s death metal meets groovy grindcore redux (“All Hail The Goat”) fits snugly between your Entombed and Dismember albums as songs like the blunt “You Should Be Brutally Slaughtered” and the D-beat madness of “Expecting a Search Visibly Hiding the Flesh” lead this unit’s riff-heavy low-growled bludgeoning. And hey, what metalhead worth their salt can resist thrashing about to a song entitled “Mutant Slut”? Providing a dash of old school good friendly violent fun, Those Who Bring the Torture have developed an admirable yet familiar blend of extreme metal goodness deserving of a few spins. -Mike SOS

3 StarsThose Who Bring The Torture is Crawl (Vocals/Guitar), Worm (Lead Guitar), & Maggot (Battery).

Track Listing:

  1. “Napalm God”
  2. “Mutant Slut”
  3. “All Hail The Goat (Lord of Great Mutation”
  4. “Tank Gasmask Ammo”
  5. “Celebrating Gamma Bliss”
  6. “Riders On The Mushroom Cloud”
  7. “Expecting A Search Visibly Hiding The Flesh”
  8. “When Humans And Axes Collide”
  9. “You Should Be Brutally Slaughtered”
  10. “Upon The Bonethrone”
  11. “Reveler In Rot”
  12. “Ionizing Rapture Altering Tissue”
  13. “Radiation Blessed”

One Response to “Review: Those Who Bring The Torture – Tank Gasmask Ammo [2009]”

  1. Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами 🙂 может хватит про них?

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