Review: Charm City Devils – Let’s Rock-N-Roll [2009]

Amazon Charm City DevilsNewcomers to the neo-classic hard rock stage, Charm City Devils, offer this 11-track debut on Nikki Sixx’s Eleven Seven Music label. The Baltimore outfit summons the energy of early AC/DC (“Let’s Rock N Roll (Endless Road)”), Billy Squire’ s “The Stroke” with a squirt of Zeppelin (“True Love”), and Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” with a blast of Aerosmith (“Best of the Worst”), all in a beastly manner. Much of the songs on Let’s Rock-N-Roll feature the undying and decadent 80’s themes of fame, money, rock n roll, chicks, and heartbreak. Vocalist John Allen lays down anthemic lines throughout the album (“Can I get a hell yeah, hell yeah”), while possessing the range and style of a young Chris Robinson. Overall, Let’s Rock-N-Roll is an addictive rock assault in the likes of The Last Vegas’s Whatever Gets You Off, The Answer’s Demon Eyes, and Buckcherry’s Black Butterfly with a wholesome serving of infectious riffs and obnoxious hooks that you will play over and over again. Look for the Charm City Devils on this summer’s Crüe Fest 2 tour -Meds

3.5 StarsCharm City Devils are John Allen (Vocals), Vic Karrera (Guitar), Anthong Arambula (Bass), Nick Kay (Guitar), & Jason Heiser (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Let’s Rock N Roll”
  2. “House Fire”
  3. “10,000”
  4. “Best Of The Worst”
  5. “True Love”
  6. “Money”
  7. “One Day”
  8. “Almost Home”
  9. “Night Is Dark”
  10. “Pour Me”
  11. “Burn Baby Burn”


4 Responses to “Review: Charm City Devils – Let’s Rock-N-Roll [2009]”

  1. Adam Lewis Says:

    I caught these guys live and then had to pick up their CD. You should too! They Rock Out like nobody I’ve seen before. Definately going to Cruefest now. See you all there.

  2. Love it. Keep on Rockin (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  3. Hi, very interesting post, and I agree with alot of it. I have already bookmarked your blog :).Thankyou.

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