Review: Naer Mataron – Praetorians [2008]

Amazon Naer MataronSticking to their roots, Greek black metal troupe Naer Mataron unfurl an expected mix of blast beat mayhem, evil vocal croaks and shrieks, and wrath-inducing tremolo-picked guitars on their most recent album PRAETORIANS. This 11-track release maintains the authentic black metal template to a fault, retaining the genre’s trademark rawness sans any progressive tendencies. Making up for the album’s lack of surprises by stirring a hearty cauldron brimming over with pure demonic fury (“Incarcerating Gallantes”), despite the incessant drum blastings and primitive compositions detrimental to some, those hankering for a shot of true black metal will have nary a problem championing this resilient troupe’s latest endeavor. www.season-of-mist.comMike SOS

2.5 StarsNaer Mataron is Vicotnik (Vocals), Indra (Guitars), Kaiadas (Bass), & Warhead (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Anti-Celestial Campaign”
  2. “Ostara”
  3. “Sun Wheel”
  4. “Death Cast A Shadow Over You”
  5. “Secret Heritage”
  6. “Astral Anthology”
  7. “Soll Invictus”
  8. “Incarcerating Gallantes”
  9. “The Eternal Pest”
  10. “Eagle’s Nest”
  11. “Praetorians”

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