Review: Closer – A Darker Side Of Salvation [2009]

Amazon CloserSwedish metal squad Closer aren’t ashamed to wear influences on their sleeves, as A DARKER SIDE OF SALVATION purposely plays like an amalgamation of Soilwork and later-day In Flames with dabs of Scar Symmetry and The Haunted strewn in (“Chaos Internal”). Despite this 10-track release containing its fair share of cringe-worthy similarities to the aforementioned (“What Am I”), this modern melodeath troupe pull off a spirited yet formulaic effort that adroitly follows their fellow countrymen’s crushing template to a headbanging fault (“Hell is Where the Heart Is,” “A Darker Side of Salvation”). -Mike SOS

2.5 Stars

Track Listing:

  1. “Chaos Internal”
  2. “It Dwells In Darkness”
  3. “A Darker Kind Of Salvation”
  4. “Open Your Eyes”
  5. “What Am I?”
  6. “Caressing The Insane”
  7. “Places Of Pain”
  8. “This Hate”
  9. “Hell Is Where The Heart Is”
  10. “Shelter From It”

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