Review: Sylosis – Conclusion Of An Age [2009]

Amazon SylosisNewbie UK metal mavens Sylosis employ a myriad of modern touches to their latest offering, a disc heavily steeped in thrash metal’s golden era of double-barrel ambushes. CONCLUSION OF AN AGE blends the musicality of Trivium, Strapping Young Lad, Shadows Fall, and Megadeth with a bevy of blistering Exodus-esque solos (“Stained Humanity”), volatile vocals (“Withered”) and complex arrangements (“Blackest Skyline”) fortifying this 12-track affair, rapidly placing Sylosis alongside metal’s most elite craftsmen. Striking a balance between crunchy and razor-sharp thanks to their metalcore meets Bay Area merger (“Transcendence”), this act eagerly doles kudos to elder statesmen such as Testament and Kreator without sounding like a retread while embracing a slew of contemporary metalcore nuances for a well-rounded attack that skillfully references the good old days without going full-on retro. www.nuclearblastusa.comMike SOS

4 StarsSylosis is Jamie Graham (Vocals), Josh Middleton (Guitar), Gurneet Ahluwalia (Guitar), Carl Parnell (Bass), & Rob Callard (Drums)

Track Listing:

  1. “Desolate Seas”
  2. “After Lifeless Years”
  3. “Blackest Skyline”
  4. “Transcendence”
  5. “Reflections Through Fire”
  6. “Conclusion Of An Age”
  7. “Swallow The World”
  8. “Teras”
  9. “Withered”
  10. “Last Remaining Light”
  11. “Stained Humanity”
  12. “Oath Of Silence”

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