Review: Landmine Marathon – Rusted Eyes Awake [2008]

Amazon Landmine MarathonArizona metal merchants Landmine Marathon hammer out a potent death metal meets grindcore jamboree on the quintet’s most recent effort, the eight-track RUSTED EYES AWAKE. Taking cues from beloved acts of 1990’s extreme metal, this squad lovingly pays homage to the likes of Carcass, Napalm Death, and Bolt Thrower on menacing cuts such as “Certain Death” and “Skin from Skull,” pounding out a slash-and-burn approach able to whip the pit up into a frenzy. But it’s the vocals of the vivaciously venomous Grace Perry that make this band one to watch, as the raven-haired beauty channels Beelzebub with a fervor and fury that male counterparts surely can only dream of (“Xenocide”). While some of their tunes would benefit from straying from their initial formula to provide a well-rounded assault, Landmine Marathon does an adequate job of carrying the torch while supplying the ferocity necessary to run with the pack. -Mike SOS

2.5 StarsLandmine Marathon is Grace Perry (Vocals), Dylan Thomas (Guitars), Ryan Butler (Guitar), Matt Martinez (Bass/Vocals), & Mike Pohlmeier (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Bile Towers”
  2. “Certain Death”
  3. “Bled To Oblivion”
  4. “Xenocide”
  5. “Heroin Swine”
  6. “Skin From Skull”
  7. “Red Days”
  8. “Rusted Eyes Awake”

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