Review: Netherbird – The Ghost Collector [2009]

Amazon NetherbirdDark and dramatic, Swedish symphonic metal trio Netherbird adorn their latest 13-track effort with a brash production chock full of the accoutremental bells and whistles similarly heard by acts such as Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir. Championing a sound that distributes black metal malevolence (“Blood Orchid”), classic metal composition, and doom metal heft, THE GHOST COLLECTOR also implements a flurry of grandiose ideas into its songwriting paradigm to reinforce their metal at the opera aura (“Carcass Symphony,” “Forever Mournful”), at times sounding like a bastardized concoction of Amon Amarth and Nightwish. Meshing a theatrical vibe with a broad palette of metal, Netherbird provide a mental metal escape into another landscape that screams for a screenplay to be written. www.pulverised.netMike SOS

4 Stars

Track Listing:

  1. “Dead Grid Incantation”
  2. “Blackest Breed”
  3. “Carcass Symphony”
  4. “Adrift On The Sea Of Misery”
  5. “Lighthouse Eternal”
  6. “Hidden Beneath Flesh Pest Ridden”
  7. “Beauty Of Bones”
  8. “Adrift Towards Eternity”
  9. “Blood Orchid”
  10. “Boulevard Black”
  11. “Boulevard Black (Reprise)”

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