Review: Tombs – Winter Hours [2009]

Amazon TombsNYC trio Tombs masterfully juxtapose metal subgenres to develop a blend of bleak yet menacing shoegazing sludge on the 10-track disc WINTER HOURS. Post-hardcore pondering and black metal brutality collide many times over on this stirring affair (“Filled With Secrets,” “Gossamer”), creating explosive waves of intense aggression laden with dense dollops of doom and darkness (“The Divide”). Channeling the corpsepaint contingent, the experimental voyager and the esoteric metal crew for inspiration, Tombs embrace each party’s unique sense of bombast without giving into genre excesses, resulting in this lean and mean 37-minute endeavor emblazoned with sweeping tempo changes and dramatic dynamics shifts (“Story of a Room”). www.relapse.comMike SOS

3.5 Stars

Track Listing:

  1. “Gossamer”
  2. “Golden Eyes”
  3. “Beneath The Toxic Jungle”
  4. “The Great Silence”
  5. “Story Of A Room”
  6. “The Divide”
  7. “Merrimack”
  8. “Filled With Secrets”
  9. “Seven Stars The Angel Of Death”
  10. “Old Dominion”

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