New Release of the Week: Twisted Sister “Stay Hungry 25th Anniversary Edition”

Amazon Twisted Sister StayThe new rock release of the week is Twisted Sister’s Stay Hungry, a double-disc celebration of the album’s 25th anniversary. Disc one features the remastered classic cuts (“SMF” still has the greatest groove of the bunch) and the second disc contains demos, outtakes, unreleased tracks, and a new song.

“30,” the first brand new track in 11 years opens with an aggressive drum and wah assault. Featuring a very twisted country and blues vibe, it could represent a new direction for the band’s future releases. Unlike Bret Michaels’ lame country effort, Twisted Sister knows how to bring their own identity and edge to the genre (Hear “30” on MySpace).

Twisted Sister is still Dee Snider (Vocals), Eddie Ojeda (Lead Guitar), Jay Jay French (Rhythm Guitar), Mark Mendoza (Bass), & A.J. Pero (Drums).

Track Listing (Disc 1):

  1. “Stay Hungry”
  2. “We’re Not Gonna Take It”
  3. “Burn In Hell”
  4. “Horror-Teria (The Beginning)”
  5. “Captain Howdy”
  6. “Street Justice”
  7. “I Wanna Rock”
  8. “The Price”
  9. “Don’t Let Me Down”
  10. “The Beast”
  11. “S.M.F.”

Track Listing (Disc 2):

  1. “Death From Above”
  2. “Prime Motivator”
  3. “We’re Not Gonna Take It [Early Demo version]”
  4. “Death Run”
  5. “This One’s For You”
  6. “S.M.F. [Early Demo version]”
  7. “We’re Coming On”
  8. “Call My Name”
  9. “Burn In Hell [Early Demo version]”
  10. “Pay The Price”
  11. “What’s Love Without You”
  12. “Our Voice Will Be Heard”
  13. “You Got To Fight”
  14. “The Price [Early Demo version]”
  15. “Stay Hungry [Early Demo version]”
  16. “Radio Spot”
  17. “30 ­[New Track]”

Read the GOR review of “A Twisted Christmas on Broadway” from Dec. 2008.


3 Responses to “New Release of the Week: Twisted Sister “Stay Hungry 25th Anniversary Edition””

  1. This looks like a really good album. I’ve always thought Twisted Sister to be a really entertaining band. They are one of a kind!

  2. […] only problem: No make-up during the performance of the song. The 25th anniversary of Stay Hungry is a reason to add more glam, not less. However, the archival footage is awesome as is the part […]

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