Review: Millions – Gather Scatter [2009]

Amazon MillionsSpastic and noisy hardcore with underpinnings of melody best describe the racket exerted by Chicago quartet Millions, whose eight-track offering GATHER SCATTER goes from the gutter to outer space in approximately 27-minutes. Emblazoned in dissonance, songs like “Saddle Up and Ride” exhibit the rhythm section playing like a wrecking crew drunkenly demolishing a skyscraper, while “Pickpocket” channels QOTSA for a shot of fretwork freakouts and “Life is Satisfactory” reveals the might of Millions’ ever-shifting three-pronged vocal delivery with the sandpapered bark leading the neurotic charge. If you are partial to early post-hardcore and get misty-eyed for the noise rock days of yore, this crew has got the fix you need. www.seventhrule.comMike SOS

2 StarsMillions is Corey Lyons (Guitar/Vocals), Mark Konwinski (Bass/Vocals), Scott Flaster (Guitar/Vocals), & Pat O’Shea (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Lest the Professor Catches Fire”
  2. “View From a Sinking Ship”
  3. “Saddle Up and Ride”
  4. “Getting the Last Word”
  5. “Pickpocket”
  6. “Life is Satisfactory”
  7. “Mile High Cake”
  8. “We Make Poor Decisions”

GOR Recommendation: You may enjoy Wolves in the Throne Room more


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