Review: Prong – Power Of The Damn Mixxxer [2009]

Amazon ProngTommy Victor turned the original mixes from Prong’s latest disc Power of the Damager over to some of his technically-advanced musician friends to remix and POWER OF THE DAMN MIXXXER is the end result. This 13-track endeavor showcases the behind the boards prowess of metal peeps such as Jon Clayton (Pitchshifter) and Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan) whose cosmetic cleansings and synthesized twiddlings give tracks like “The Banishment” (a song covered by two different mixes here) a throbbing makeover that pulsates with a bastardized concoction of industrial metal heft and electronic bounce (“Changing Ending Troubling Times”). Providing a ton of opportunities to take the rage to the dance floor (“Looking for Them”) while laying a virtual perfect soundtrack down to a dark and futuristic action-adventure flick, Prong’s latest is not only is a show of respect from the artists who contributed their own spin to Prong’s genuine rawness but supplies a great deal of industrial strength metal to take the party into the morning light. www.prongmusic.comMike SOS

3 Stars

Track Listing:

  1. “Worst Of It”
  2. “Can’t Stop The Bleeding”
  3. “The Banishment”
  4. “Power Of The Damager”
  5. “3rd Option”
  6. “Pure Ether”
  7. “Messages Inside Of Me”
  8. “No Justice”
  9. “Looking For Them”
  10. “Spirit Guide”
  11. “Changing Ending Troubling Times”
  12. “The Banishment”
  13. “Bad Fall”

GOR Recommendation: Dream Theater – Black Clouds & Silver Linings


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