New Release of the Week: Judas Priest – A Touch of Evil Live [2009]

Amazon Judas Priest TouchThe best new album that you will find in stores and on iTunes today is not Daughtry’s Leave This Town or The Redemption by Brooke Hogan, it is A Touch of Evil: Live by Judas Priest, the fifth live album by the heavy metal pioneers.

A Touch of Evil: Live contains 11 classic tracks recorded between 2005 and 2008 and serves as a nice compliment to the current British Steel 30th Anniversary Tour. These are songs from Painkiller [1990], Angel of Retribution [2005], and Nostradamus [2008] which have never been officially released live.

My favorites on A Touch of Evil are “Painkiller,” “Hellrider,” and “Judas Rising.” There are only two tunes from last year’s concept album which has really grown on me since. –Meds

Judas Priest is Rob Halford (Vocals), K.K. Downing (Guitars), Glenn Tipton (Guitars), Ian Hill (Bass), & Scott Travis (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Judas Rising (Live)”
  2. “Hellrider (Live)”
  3. “Between The Hammer & The Anvil (Live)”
  4. “Riding On The Wind (Live)”
  5. “Death (Live)”
  6. “Beyond The Realms Of Death (Live)”
  7. “Dissident Aggressor (Live)”
  8. “A Touch Of Evil (Live)”
  9. “Eat Me Alive (Live)”
  10. “Prophecy (Live)”
  11. “Painkiller (Live)”

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