Review: Oceano – Depths [2009]

Amazon OceanoChicago-bred quintet Oceano stake a claim of being the most pissed-off band on the planet, and if you could decipher the cavernous musings of vocalist Adam Warren and what he was screaming and growling about, they may be right, as the viscous racket adorning cuts like the slow-churned “Disgust for Your Kind” and the frantic fury of “District of Misery” do work as evidence for a lively debate. Make no mistake, the vocals (despite hard to comprehend) are a strongpoint, solidifying this outfit’s abrasive viciousness with a twist to rival peers like Emmure, Misery Signals, and All Shall Perish for the new heavy crown. The 15-track debut DEPTHS firmly stands its ground with a batch of rote yet bombastic low-end grooves, keeping things both excruciatingly bottom-heavy and brutal, yet resonate with an all too standard delivery within the deathcore paradigm. Luckily, Oceano picks up momentum as the album rolls along, managing to venture a bit off the threadbare path of palm-muted breakdown bliss in key spots to implement nuances such as symphonic black metal texture and crisp solos, yet ultimately fall flat in relying on prototypical old hat genre maneuvers that undoubtedly score big in a moshpit of dayglow shirts and bad haircuts yet yield overwrought results on disc. www.earache.comMike SOS

2.5 StarsOceano is Adam (Vocals), Andrew (Guitars), Tristan (Guitars), Jason (Bass), & Daniel (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Descent”
  2. “Inhuman Affliction”
  3. “A Mandatory Sacrifice”
  4. “Samael The Destroyer”
  5. “Fractured Frames, Scattered Flesh”
  6. “Disgust For Your Kind”
  7. “Depths”
  8. “District of Misery”
  9. “With Legions”
  10. “Slaughtered Like Swine”
  11. “Empathy For Leviathan”
  12. “Plague Campaign”
  13. “Abysm”
  14. “Involuntary Demoralization”
  15. “Orificial Execution”

GOR Recommendation: All Shall Perish – Awaken The Dreamers


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