Review: Ensoph – Rex Mundi X-IIE [2009]

Amazon EnsophIndustrial Italian act Ensoph create a chaotic cybermetal experience on the 12-track REX MUNDI X-IIE, setting their apocalyptic visions to a frenetic soundtrack that chillingly juxtaposes harsh electronic noises, Gothic overtones and metallic aggression (“Shame on You!”). Tracks like “Dance High and Shine, Shiva!” shares as much in common with the eeriness of Marilyn Manson as it does the synthetic throb of KMFDM, while “Thir(s)ty Pieces of Silver” sounds like a Dream Theater track defiantly trapped in a Tron-like maze. Championing a futuristic tone chock full of Front Line Assembly-esque mechanical madness leading the charge, this sinister shapeshifting unit’s presentation is far from fresh yet it yields enough intriguing moments (their cover of “Would” by Alice in Chains in particular) to keep the middling PVC-donned EBM and darkwave contingent content. www.cruzdelsurmusic.comMike SOS

3.5 StarsEnsoph is N-Ikonoclast (Voice), Xraphæl (Guitar), KKTZ (Bass), Next-X@nctum (Keyboard), & Xenos (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Evil Has Found a Servant”
  2. “Dance High & Shine, Shiva!”
  3. “Shame on You!”
  4. “Splendour & Majesty”
  5. “In Cinere et Cilicio”
  6. “Whore & The Ashetist”
  7. “Thir(s)ty Pieces of Silver”
  8. “…and I Hear a Voice”
  9. “9xs”
  10. “Disciplina Arcani [un Canto Per l’Esilio]”
  11. “Come in Uno Specchio”
  12. “Would?”

GOR Recommendation: Moonspell – Night Eternal


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