Review: Deceiver – Thrashing Heavy Metal [2009]

Amazon DeceiverThere’s nothing deceptive regarding the 10-track lean and mean high-grade meets lo fi old school assault Sweden’s Deceiver lays on the ears, as this trio’s tumultuous din captures the darker nuances of the golden age of thrash without sounding rehashed or forced. Whether it be the tortured vocals and primitive skin bashing tandem heard on “Dead to the World” and “Machinery of God” or the grimly grandiose feel emanating from “Graveyard Lover” and the instrumental “Legacy,” even though THRASHING HEAVY METAL yields a strange sensation that you’ve heard this all before if you own a Priest, Entombed, or Mercyful Fate album or two, this squad’s inspired interpretations rise above usual reference points to provide an enjoyable travel back through time. Tacking on a vicious streak laden in vitriolic vehemence, this unit’s display of vintage metal will get the job done for fans of the rawer side of extreme metal’s first wave. www.pulverised.netMike SOS

3.5 StarsDeceiver is Pete Flesh (Vocals/Guitar), Crille Lundin (Bass), & Flingan (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “The Tail’s Of Whom In Shadows Fall”
  2. “Ghost Of Souls & Inner Hate”
  3. “Graveyard Lover”
  4. “Coma Of Death Toxication”
  5. “Machinery Of God”
  6. “Blood Of The Soul”
  7. “Dead To The World”
  8. “The Dungeon”
  9. “Legacy”
  10. “Thrashing Heavy Metal”

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