Review: Chevelle – Sci-Fi Crimes [2009]

Amazon ChevelleChevelle is one of the few modern hard rock bands that have never annoyed me. They are not whiny poser wannabes nor the greatest hard rock act either, they comfortably fall somewhere in the middle which forces me to submit my undying respect. Sci-Fi Crimes is the band’s latest disc since 2007’s Vena Sera. You won’t find a new sound or noticeable fresh direction for the band, just 11 solid tracks under 44 minutes that keep the vibe of the previous three albums rolling. The single “Jars” will not disappoint Chevelle’s radio fans or devoted followers. However, the biggest hit from the album will most likely be the more relaxed “Shameful Metaphors.” The band offers acoustic ballad “Higland’s Apparition” which could have just as easily been played with distorted guitars and worked.  The most aggressive tracks are “Roswell’s Spell” and the headbanging opener “Sleep Apnea.” If you have enjoyed everything else that Chevelle has done then this album is for you. If you are not familiar with the band or a hater, you will be abducted against your will by the catchy riffs and hooks of Sci-Fi Crimes -Meds

3.5 StarsChevelle is Pete Loeffler (Vocals/Guitar), Sam Loeffler (Drums), & Dean Bernardini (Bass/Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Sleep Apnea” – 3:52
  2. “Mexican Sun”
  3. “Shameful Metaphors”
  4. “Jars”
  5. “Fell Into Your Shoes”
  6. “Letter From a Thief”
  7. “Highland’s Apparition”
  8. “Roswell’s Spell”
  9. “Interlewd”
  10. “A New Momentum”
  11. “This Circus” — —


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