Review: Rodrigo y Gabriela – 11:11 [2009]

Amazon RodGabWhen one thinks of the acoustic duo Rodrigo y Gabriela, the mind often conjures images of Guitar World ads and YouTube performances of Metallica covers. On the latest disc 11:11 the classically trained shred masters bust through any preconceived mold as they pay tribute to some of their all-time favorite guitarists. Each of the 11 tracks are dedicated to ax-heroes such as Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin of Shakti and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Paco de Lucia. Coincidentally, the end result is the most rapacious acoustic performance since Friday Night in San Francisco by the aforementioned dedicatees. Album highlights include the Carlos Santana inspired “Hanuman” and the Jimi Hendirx tribute “Buster Voodoo,” which incorporates a “Voodoo Chile” feel to its base. 11:11 reaches its climax on “Atman,” which pays homage to the late Pantera shredder Dimebag Darrell. During the midsection of “Atman,” Alex Skolnick of Testament delivers a triumphant electric guitar solo once it gets going. For metal heads that are fans of acoustic aggression and who truly appreciate the passion of the guitar, 11:11 is an absolute must own -Meds

4 StarsRodrigo y Gabriela are Rodrigo Sanchez (Acoustic Guitars) and Gabriela Quintero (Acoustic Guitars)

Track Listing:

  1. “Hanuman”
  2. “Buster Voodoo”
  3. “Triveni”
  4. “Logos”
  5. “Santo Domingo”
  6. “Master Macqui”
  7. “Savitri”
  8. “Hora Zero”
  9. “Chac Mool”
  10. “Atman”
  11. “11:11” —


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