Top 7 Hot And Sexy Ladies Behind Heavy Metal

GOR Top 7 Metal GirlsWhen I decided to devote an entire post to the top 7 (I couldn’t think of 10) hottest girls, girlfriends, fiances, wives, and companions of heavy metal, I had only one thing in mind: generating thousands of additional stray and random hits on Google searches from people like you! So yes, I completely pimped out my wonderful, authoritative, and well-respected heavy metal review blog like a cheap groupie whore offering twofers and freebies to low level security personnel in the hopes of reaching Bret Michaels’ sweaty nut sack after a Poison show on a hot August night. I feel disgusting. No, I am disgusting. Anyways, here is the final result of this new Gears of Rock low:

#7 Fai McNasty (Mick Mars of Motley Crue) When I first heard of 25 year old McNasty with Mick Mars, I was worried. Seemed like the Zurich native was only looking to make a name for herself, setting Mars up for disappointment. Then again, Mick wouldn’t tolerate such nonsense.

Fai McNasty Photo

Hotness: 6     Coolness: 6      Heavy Metal: 7     Avg: 6.3

#6 Taya Parker (Bret Michaels of Poison) Rock of Love was dumb. Rock of Love Bus was dumber. We watched ’em all and we are now brain dead.

Taya Parker Photo

Hotness: 9     Coolness: 5     Heavy Metal: 7     Avg: 7

#5 Carmen Elektra (Rob Patterson of Otep) Ms. Elektra is certainly getting up there in age these days and has built quite a resume (from Prince to Rodman to Navarro) but is still composed of a high level of hotness that is also fueled by the rock attitude that she continues to embrace.

Carmen Elektra Photo

Hotness: 9     Coolness: 7     Heavy Metal: 6     Avg: 7.3

#4 Tera Patrick (Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard and The Spyderz) Evan Seinfeld wrote a few sick metal tunes for Biohazard in the 90’s, now he is married to one of the hottest and most talented chicks in the porno biz.

Tera Patrick Photo

Hotness: 8.5     Coolness: 8     Heavy Metal: 7     Avg: 7.8

#3 Kat Von D (Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue) Nikki Sixx is very bad ass and would only date a super bad ass gal. Kat Von D has been the epitome of hard rocker chick as we have seen on her reality show L.A. Ink. Whether you find her tattoos to be repulsive or a brilliant work of art, you can’t deny the fact that she rocks.

Kat Von D Photo

Hotness: 6     Coolness: 9     Heavy Metal: 9     Avg: 8

#2 Cristina Scabbia (Jim Root of Slipknot) Cristina “no damn h in it” Scabbia is not the hottest beauty on the planet. Instead, she is the hardest rocking woman in the universe. Even though Lacuna Coil’s last album was dull, a hot Italian girl that can front a metal band is many guy’s fantasy.

Cristina Scabbia Photo

Hotness: 6.5     Coolness: 8     Heavy Metal: 10     Avg: 8.2

#1 Sheri Moon Zombie (Rob Zombie) She’s metal. She’s hot. She’s into horror. She’s, well, all Zombie!

Sheri Moon Zombie Photo

Hotness: 7     Coolness: 10     Heavy Metal: 10     Avg: 9

Disclaimer: The arbitrary rankings used to compose this list are based on a scale of 10. None of the links above will take you to smut websites or pages with pornography, I hope. I also hope that you enjoyed the new low to which this blog sank.


3 Responses to “Top 7 Hot And Sexy Ladies Behind Heavy Metal”

  1. Anil B Soni Says:

    Hellow, How are you? I am waiting for you.

  2. My vote is for Sheri Moon Zombie! mmmm. I love her.

  3. Porter Sulyma Says:

    Nothing like getting 100 hits a day! I use

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