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NZA’s Review: Weezer – Raditude [2009]

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Amazon WeezerRadOh boy! You are either gonna love or hate this. I love it. Weezer serves up a great mix of pop and rock on Raditude. Tapping into an infectious groove somewhat reminiscent of Katrina and The Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine,” the first track and single “(If Your Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” makes you smile and toe tap the night away. It doesn’t stop there, not by a long shot. Rivers Cuomo, with a little help from some friends, taps into his inner most nerd (although he has never hidden that from us) “ooohing and ahhhing” on “The Girl Got Hot.” Tight and snapping rhythm is key provided by the  teammanship of Pat Wilson and Scott Shriner. Don’t worry Brian Bell fans, his presence is felt every so much on key track “Let It All Hang Out,” which also pays homage to a night on the town with the fellas. Obscurity sets in on the disco-esque “Can’t Stop Partying” which even taps into a rap interlude in the middle. “Love is The Answer” has beautiful sitar and amazing harmony work on it that gives “Jai-Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire a run for its money. Weezer, for me, really hasn’t lost a step and continues to entertain my inner most nerd (which i hide well until i open my mouth) –NZA

3.5 Stars Weezer is Rivers Cuomo (Vocals/Guitar), Brian Bell (Guitar/Vocals), Scott Shriner (Bass/Vocals), & Pat Wilson (Drums/Vocals).

Track Listing:

  1. “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To”
  2. “I’m Your Daddy”
  3. “The Girl Got Hot”
  4. “Can’t Stop Partying”
  5. “Put Me Back Together”
  6. “Tripping Down The Freeway”
  7. “Love Is The Answer”
  8. “Let It All Hang Out”
  9. “In The Mall”
  10. “I Don’t Let You Go”

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