NZA’s Review: “This Is It” Michael Jackson Movie Review [2009]

Amazon This Is ItThis Is It? Maybe “this was it” or maybe “this could have been it.” Either way you slice, dice, or dissect it, This Is It is a remarkable and outstanding swan song to the King of Pop. He definitely could still sing. He definitely could still dance.

Michael Jackson breezes effortlessly through gems from every era of his career. Not to say he was slacking, but remember this was just rehearsals and prep for the big return. I just can’t imagine what the real deal would’ve been. Anything less than amazing, I would be shocked.

The production of the stage show is way over the top and really would’ve been a spectacle to see. A great standout moment is the production that was put into “Smooth Criminal.” Director Kenny Ortega places Michael inside the movie His Girl Friday and has him chased and shot at by gangsters. “The Thriller” sequence is amazing and makes you even stop to think, how ahead of it’s time the track and album truly was. The jazzy intro makes “The Way You Make Me Feel” even more likable. A trio of Jackson 5 hits is thrown in and shows Michael’s voice was still capable of hitting those high untouchable notes.

All the musicians, dancers, choreographers, and stage handlers were all top shelf. Michael still outshines them all and you even gain more respect for his musical knowledge and passion as he too plays director and producer. A standout in the film is Orianthi Panagaris, Michael’s sexy and riff stealin’ lead guitarist. She pulls off the solos that Slash and Eddie Van Halen perfected and looks damn good doing it.
4.5 StarsIt is a shame that the world lost this man before his redemptionĀ and from what I just witnessed, this would’ve put Michael Jackson on his way toward that. Long Live The King of Pop –NZA
Orianthi on MySpace

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