Review: W.A.S.P. – Babylon [2009]

amazon waspFriends, countrymen, and Tipper F*cking Gore, it is time to once again lend W.A.S.P. your ears in the most undivided of manner. Blackie Lawless and company return to deliver another powerful onslaught of classic heavy metal on Babylon.

As you already know, when an album’s subject matter centers around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an exciting rock exhibition is only imminent.

First off, this record is certainly an improvement from 2007’s politically driven Dominator,  however a blistering cover of Deep Purple’s “Burn” from the Dominator sessions has been resurrected for Babylon. It is not quite as awesome, as their classic interpretation of The Who’s “The Real Me,” but still a great track.

Of the nine tracks, “Into The Fire,” “Godless Run,” and “Crazy” are the best, emitting darkened rays of bestial bliss at every bar. “Babylon’s Burning” and “Live To Die Another Die” are sure to be fan favorites serving up some classic 80’s flare, as well as the fist-pounding “Seas of Fire.”

The 44-minute running time is perfect, as most albums these days are far too long, and that practice does not accommodate the realities of our A.D.D. infested planet of today. Another commendation is that this album contains a strong ending in “Promised Land,” an upbeat Chuck Berry cover.

Babylon represents yet another solid year-ending release, which makes me wonder: where were all of the good hard rock records hiding during the first nine months of 2009? -Meds

3.5 StarsW.A.S.P. is Blackie Lawless (Vocals/Guitars), Doug Blair (Guitars), Mike Duda (Bass/Vocals), & Mike Dupke (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Crazy”
  2. “Live To Die Another Day”
  3. “Babylon’s Burning”
  4. “Burn”
  5. “Into The Fire”
  6. “Thunder Red”
  7. “Seas of Fire”
  8. “Godless Run”
  9. “Promised Land”



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