Review: Artie Lange – Jack And Coke [2009]

Howard Stern Show personality Artie Lange has released his first stand-up CD Jack And Coke, a set of mediocre material that he built and tested — on the show and in clubs — over the last several years.

If you are a listener of Stern’s Sirius Radio Show, you will find most of the jokes and stories told on this Gotham Comedy Club set to be very redundant. You have heard many of the stories from simply being a fan of Howard Stern and, it is widely known, that Lange’s best material comes naturally in the moment on Stern’s show, not in a club.

On the night club stage, Lange is more of a character than a genuinely funny comedian. The crowd seems to over-applaud jokes that are decent at best, cheering mainly because they are loyal to Lange and the Stern Show.

There are several funny bits on the disc such as his Chris Rock story, Eagles Fans story, and the Mike Tyson bit, but even these fall just short from making you laugh out loud.

Lange is not afraid to drop f bombs galore during his routine and I have no problem with strong language either. The problem is that the usage of the f word rarely advances his story telling and the punchline.

Overall, Jack And Coke is fun for fans but weak on the laughs. I love the Howard Stern Show and know Artie is the master of quick one-liners, but his planned stand-up routine is disappointing from this fan’s perspective –Meds

Track Listing:

  1. “Gay Cowboys”
  2. “Drugs And Hookers”
  3. “The Fattest Cokehead”
  4. “Tom Brady”
  5. “Lawrence Taylor”
  6. “Swine Flu”
  7. “Oscar Host”
  8. “Hiking”
  9. “Afghanistan”
  10. “Mike Tyson”
  11. “YouTube”
  12. “Over/Under”
  13. “Eagles Fans”
  14. “Special Olympics”
  15. “A-Rod And Uecker”
  16. “Italian Mother”
  17. “Chris Rock”
  18. “Political Correctness”

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