Review: SwampDaWamp – Rock This Country [2009]

Imagine for a moment the bastard child of Lynyrd Skynyrd and the 90’s WWE character Papa Shango (the singer’s image bears some resemblance), and you get something along the lines of SwampDaWamp. Rock This Country features 12 tracks of good Southern Rock music. SwampDaWamp is a great garage and bar band that you would be happy to throw a few pints down to, but would not expect to hear anything epic or legendary from. Unfortunately, as long as Kid Rock is around the rock country scene, there won’t be much room in the mainstream for SwampDaWamp, even with a giant stage show –Meds

SwampDaWamp is Gig Michaels (Vocals), Michael Hough (Guitars/Vocals), Keith Inman (Guitars/Vocals), Mike “Scooby” Huffman (B3/Keyboards/Vocals), Cody Bennett (Bass/Vocals), & David Lee (Drums)

Track Listing:

  1. “Lady”
  2. “Helluva Night”
  3. “Double or Nuthin'”
  4. “Good God”
  5. “American Man”
  6. “Six Tons”
  7. “Daddy Said”
  8. “Rock This Country”
  9. “Half My Life”
  10. “Shame”
  11. “Welcome To The Inn”
  12. “Stoned”

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