Review: Nonpoint – Cut The Cord EP [2009]

Alternative metal veterans Nonpoint serve up a five-track EP that features so-so acoustic renditions from their eight year old studio catalog.

Luckily the band chose to leave the annoying “Bullet With A Name” song off of the Cut The Cord EP. The five songs chosen however offer a somewhat eclectic mix that displays their ability to rock with a Spanish guitar flare (“Rambia”), mainstream rock radio pizzazz (“What A Day”), an aggressive strumming screamer (“Victim”), and a profound ballad (“Your Signs”).

Even though the guitar harmonics in the verses are done well, “Circles” turns out to be the least interesting tune in the mix due to the highly predictable and repetitive chorus; Incubus covered this concept better on 2001’s Morning View.

Overall this effort is a decent extended play disc that should hold off fans until Nonpoint finishes recording their next studio album –Meds

Nonpoint is Elias Soriano (Vocals), Zach Broderick (Guitar), Ken Charman (Bass), & Robb Rivera (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “What A Day”
  2. “Circles”
  3. “Rabia”
  4. “Victim”
  5. “Your Signs”

Cut The Cord on Amazon.comOfficial

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