Review: Living Sacrifice – The Infinite Order [2010]

Christian metal veterans Living Sacrifice return with a devastating assortment of thrash, death, and groove on The Infinite Order.

The guitar riffs of Rocky Gray and Bruce Fitzhugh gallop with the raw power that we used to worship Pantera for, while also offering a speedier as well as a more alternative feel. It is unfortunate that the younger bands these days can’t pull this off correctly, or at least to a satisfactory level.

The more sentimental tracks “God is my Home” and “Love Forgives” contain great feel-good tones while tracks like “Overkill Exposure” and “Organized Lie” kick your teeth in without remorse.

Fitzhugh leads this multifaceted God-fearing madness with beautifully orchestrated Max Cavalera styled death grunts and bassist Arthur Green flawlessly lays down the low end.

Most of the tracks feature brief guitar solos that alternate between traditional shredding, dual harmonies, and even clean breakdowns (“The Training”).

Drummer Lance Garvin adds little metallic percussive nuances on several tracks such as “Nietzsche’s Madman” that advance the overall listening experience.

It is very clear that the guitar riffs are the strongest component of Living Sacrifice’s latest affair which make the album worth checking out alone. Add the solid rhythm section, courtesy of the thrash percussion, and the hardcore leadership and you have the first solid metal album of 2010 –Meds

Living Sacrifice is Bruce Fitzhugh (Vocals/Guitar), Rocky Gray (Guitar/Vocals), Arthur Green (Bass/Vocals), & Lance Garvin (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Overkill Exposure”
  2. “Rules of Engagement”
  3. “Nietsche’s Madman”
  4. “Unfit To Live”
  5. “The Training”
  6. “Organized Lie”
  7. “The Reckoning”
  8. “Love Forgives”
  9. “They Were One”
  10. “God Is My Home”
  11. “Apostasy”


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