Review: Wyldsky – Wyldsky [2009]

Los Angeles-based hard rock outfit Wyldsky offers this 10-track debut, delivering a feast of vintage tones and catchy hooks that make this disc a stereo staple.

Rocking songs such as “Next World” and “Dog Daze” feature powerful drumbeats that at times summon the legendary John Bonham, or on a much lesser note, Stillwater’s “Fever Dog” from Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous.

The vocals of Tyler Nelson set most of the tunes on fire, particularly during the choruses, providing an aggressive Skynyrd feel.

Not all of the material is hard and heavy on this album. “Rendezvous” is a power ballad that features an epic guitar solo from Nelson and “Holding On” emanates a jazz-rock fusion vibe that you would expect from a Satriani or Vai track.

“My Baby” carries bluesy keyboard riffs a la Great White to make the ladies dance, while the acoustic dominance of “Goodbye, Good Riddance” and “Where You Belong” will make the ladies cry.

Between the thunderous drums, skillful lead guitars, and powerful vocals, Wyldsky produces a fine sound that is worth giving a listen. If you are a fan of 80’s hard rock, you will definitely love this disc.

Wyldsky is Tyler Nelsom (Vocals/Guitars),Chad Quist (Guitars), Doug Richardson (Bass), Chris Turbis (Keyboards), & Mike Lesniak (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Next World”
  2. “Holding On”
  3. “Dog Daze”
  4. “Rendezvous”
  5. “My Baby”
  6. “Comin’ On”
  7. “Wild Honey”
  8. “Nightmare and a Dream”
  9. “Where You Belong”
  10. “Goodbye, Good Riddance”

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