Review: Fear Factory – Mechanize [2010]

Early this year it is becoming increasingly apparent that 2010 is going to be the year of Fear. With the long-awaited and highly anticipated return of guitarist Dino Cazares to Fear Factory and the addition of the brilliant drumming of legendary Gene Hoglan to the group, Mechanize lands in early contention for album of the year.

Mechanize is the heaviest and most aggressive record from Fear Factory to date. Vocalist Burton C. Bell offers his ballsiest work ever while keeping his signature melodic grace in balance.

The intense seven-string (or is he up to eight now?) rhythmic patterns of Cazares leave the listener with facial blisters and a battered-in skull—surely, you must have heard the first single “Powershifter” by now—exemplified on all ten tracks, but especially prominent on the opening title track, “Oxidizer,” and “Fear Campaign.”

In addition to all of the brutal death magic displayed by the band, “Christploitation” presents creepy keyboard programming to coincide with Hoglan’s insane double bass work; don’t just respect Hoglan, worship him.

“Final Exit” is the aptly titled closer to Mechanize and the most ambitious song on the album, clocking in at approximately eight minutes. Fear Factory utilizes this extended time to employ every tool in their arsenal; Bell’s twisted death-gruntled vocal melodies, Cazares’ quick right hand (not a masturbation reference!), Rhys Fulber’s atmospheric programming, Byron Strouds’ solid bass-work (finally allowed to record his own bass tracks after Christian Olde Wolber’s departure), and of course Hoglan.

It is great for metal music that Fear Factory is back and performing at such a professional and iconic level. For all of you that bow down to likes of Slipknot, Disturbed, and Static-X, you best remember and recognize that  Fear Factory was here first, making it possible for your bands to exist -Meds

Fear Factory is Burton C. Bell (Vocals), Dino Cazares (Guitars), Byron Stroud (Bass), Rhys Fulber (Programming), & Gene Hoglan (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Mechanize”
  2. “Industrial Discipline”
  3. “Fear Campaign”
  4. “Powershifter”
  5. “Christploitation”
  6. “Oxidizer”
  7. “Controlled Demolition”
  8. “Designing the Enemy”
  9. “Metallic Division”
  10. “Final Exit”

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