Track Review: Hollow featuring Brett Scallions and Ken Wallace “Something to Believe” [2010]

New York City hard rock outfit Hollow mark their long-awaited return to the streets with a monstrous ballad, “Something to Believe.”  The single features exceptional lead vocals from ex-Fuel frontman Brett Scallions, working alongside Grammy Award-winning Ken Wallace (The Temptations) who together produce a transcendent wall of melody.

Scallions genuinely pours his soul into “Something to Believe” delivering his best performance in several years.  Another stellar feature, or should I say Heavenly feature, is the unparalleled work of a NYC gospel choir—leading us all to the promised land—during the choruses.

The lyrics written by Nza are infectious, intoxicating, and contagious to say the least.  The invigorating line “decorate your heart just for walking through the fire” is a prime example of the fortitude and perseverance that radiates throughout the track.

“Something to Believe” opens with a howling bass slide from Nza, setting the ensuing monumental tone. Guitarist Dirrty delivers towering leads throughout the intro, choruses, and the solo break, while drummer Howard Corr provides a powerful and mighty backbone.

This is Hollow’s finest and most exciting effort to date so be sure to look for it on iTunes March 9 via Koch Records. Music will once again give you something, something to believe.

Hollow is Dirrty (Vocals/Guitars), Nza (Vocals/Bass), & Howard Corr (Drums); featuring Brett Scallions (Lead Vocals) & produced by Ken Wallace (Orchestration). Krieger Band


3 Responses to “Track Review: Hollow featuring Brett Scallions and Ken Wallace “Something to Believe” [2010]”

  1. The bad boys of rock have been working so hard for this song to come out. They deserve this and much more. They have poured there heart and sole into this song and it is really something to believe in. i will be on i tunes march 1st.

  2. can’t find the song anywhere. is it out yet?

  3. The song’s release was pushed back to today only on iTunes. On iTunes search “Hollow Something to Believe” and it will pop up. Or you can try this link

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