Review: Gamma Ray – To The Metal [2010]

German power metal week continues here on the Gears of Rock with the latest release from Gamma Ray titled To The Metal.  The melodic unit offers 10 tracks that go heavy on the groove while maintaining a fierce thrash sound.

“Time to Live” features a sweet guitar riff throughout its intro before taking on a feel similar to Dio’s “Holy Diver.”

However, in terms of the album’s comparability, it falls more towards the Judas Priest side of the metal spectrum; somewhere between British Steel and Screaming for Vengeance.

The album’s title track brings back classic memories of Steel’s “Grinder” while “Shine Forever” feels like “Painkiller.” That’s enough on the Priest similarities.  “Shine Forever” begins with a sick bass guitar eruption.

To The Metal deserves a special credit to the drumming especially during “All You Need To Know” and “Rise.”  These two tracks are the album’s fist throwing  face pummelers.

“Empathy,” the opening tune employs great Middle-Eastern tone during the guitar solo. Interestingly, or rather confusingly, the drum fills during the track sound like something out of 80’s new wave.

“No Need To Cry” is a reflective piece that closes out the assortment.  It plays like a creepy lullabye but the lyrics are very cliche.

Gamma Ray has produced an album that is a pleasurable experience overall due to its heavy riffs, fast drumming, and eclectic moments.  This is the best German metal album so far this year.

Gamma Ray is Kai Hansen (Vocals/Guitars), Henjo Richter (Guitars/Keyboards), Dirk Schlächter (Bass), & Dan Zimmerman (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Empathy”
  2. “All You Need to Know”
  3. “Time To Live”
  4. “To The Metal”
  5. “Rise”
  6. “Mother Angel”
  7. “Shine Forever”
  8. “Deadlands”
  9. “Chasing Shadows”
  10. “No Need To Cry” — official sitewikipedia


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