Review: Scorpions – Sting in the Tail [2010]

Time to give it up for some more German heavy metal this week on Gears of Rock with Sting in the Tail from the legendary Scorpions.  The latest studio effort is a 12 track affair that goes heavy on the sting and light on the filler as it clocks in at about 44 minutes.

I’m not going to lie to you here.  The riffs and progressions push no boundaries.  This is pure 80’s hard rock.  It is predictable, catchy, and yet irresistible.

The best tunes on the album are the ballad and closer “The Best is Yet to Come” and the poppier sounding “Slave Me.”  Even the cheesy opener “Raised on Rock” is a solid track even though I feel like Saxon accomplished the feel better with last year’s “Live to Rock.”

“Turn You On” opens with a “We’re Not Gonna Take It” drum vibe before taking on its own unique 70’s rock feel.  “Lorelei” is the heartbreak tune and “Rock Zone” serves infectious rake guitar riffs.

The title track is a good song once it gets going, however, parts of it remind me way too much of something that the alternative geek rock band, Weezer, would have put on the Green Album (yuck!).

The Scorpions are still alive and stinging on their latest.  You can bet that I’ll be looking forward to the US tour this summer.

The Scorpions are Klaus Meine (Lead Vocals), Matthias Jabs (Lead Guitar), Rudolf Schenker (Rhythm Guitar), Paweł Mąciwoda (Bass), & James Kottak (Drums).

Track Listing:

  1. “Raised on Rock”
  2. “Sting in the Tail”
  3. “Slave Me”
  4. “The Good Die Young (feat. Tarja Turunen)”
  5. “No Limit”
  6. “Rock Zone”
  7. “Lorelei”
  8. “Turn You On”
  9. “Let’s Rock”
  10. “SLY”
  11. “Spirit of Rock”
  12. “The Best Is Yet to Come”

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One Response to “Review: Scorpions – Sting in the Tail [2010]”

  1. […] worst album I have heard this year, but still comes in below average. The Scorpions farewell record Sting in the Tail is far better. Why did Ze German quit that band […]

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